Assistance and Rescue

Luxury Travel offers assistance and instant rescue through ambulances, intensive care units (including neonatal), and the most innovative technologies.

We have available motorcycles BMW of first aid, medical cars, tanker for the water supply and fire escape service, special trucks for the civil protection, tow trucks and motorway rescue.

Furthermore, all our means are used for sanitary rescue on the sea.

Means and services available:

  • Air ambulance
  • Air ambulance helicopter
  • Hydro ambulance
  • Medical car and motorcycle medical
  • Blood and blood product transport
  • Ambulance with intensive care unit both for adults and pediatric
  • Standard ambulance
  • Special means for undergoing hem dialysis and not independent
  • Transport ambulance for serious obesity ( 200- 500 kg)
  • Fire escape service
  • Prevention and fire escape protection
  • Special means for water supply
  • Traveling kitchen for (330 meals a hour)
  • Pneumatic tents for emergency situation
  • Mobile emergency room
  • Means for promotion and communication
  • Nursing service and private medical
  • Hydraulic and electric intervention service
  • Information assistance
  • Social sanitary training


  • bmw
  • audi
  • mercedes
  • jaguar
  • peugeot
  • renault
  • ferrari